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There has never been a time when people were more busy. The advances in technology have been astounding. Everyone can be reached at anytime, anywhere! How is it that everyone has time to watch all these television shows? You can’t even watch the morning news without receiving reality show updates.

Don’t get me wrong, everyone needs diversion and entertainment! The question is what are you sacrificing for it? A great exercise is to write down all the tv shows you watch every week. Add up that number of hours. Now ask yourself, do I get regular exercise? Do we sit down for family meals without tv? Are we taking the time to prepare healthy meals? Do we go out to experience new things as a family? When was the last time we went to a park?

Examine your lifestyle and find out if you are sacrificing the quality of your family’s life to see who is winning a reality show. Are you a drive thru parent? Many parents today stop at the drive thru to get fast food. When they get home, they drop the food in front of the kids who eat and watch tv. Be sure not to drive thru your family’s life. Remember that the most important reality show is at home!

Enjoy Your Life,

Dr. Rob

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Hope you watched the food revolution tv show. It is about a chef trying to get people to eat healthy in America. Boy has he got his hands full. He was trying to get into the Los Angeles schools. They actually banned him from looking into the cafeteria in a public school. The look on the school boards faces were priceless. Rigid and not open to change. They didn’t care what he said at the public board meetings.

Make sure that you are open to change and new ideas. Everyone can learn every day, especially about topics like exercise and nutrition. The are new studies being done everyday, so it is important to be open to the latest developments. Pack your kids lunch. It is cheaper and healthier! It may take more time, but they are worth it!

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Just felt like giving some props to McDonalds! They are one of the greatest offenders against healthy eating with those large calorie meals. Gotta give them some credit with the fruit and oatmeal breakfast on their menu! What a great idea to make it quick and convenient!

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Just thinking about the childrens drug recall. We start them off with drugs at such a young age for every problem. Tylenol for headaches, Ritalin for having too much energy, antidepressant…….and we wonder why there are so many adults with drug problems. Apple says there’s an app for that. A lot of people think there’s a drug for that. Let’s start finding out what is causing these diseases and not just treating symptoms!

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Swine flu

Just wondering about this swine flu epidemic. Now there are doses of vaccines sitting around. Where are all the guys in the insulated suits at. Creating a market by creating a panic.

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