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It’s that time of year.  Everyone starts out with good intentions and makes their new years resolutions.  The only problem is that few ever follow thru.  Most people end up frustrated and aggravated.


Don’t let this be you.  Here’s a great tip!  Get a second brain! You probably already have one in the form of a smartphone.  Don’t rely on memory to reach your goals.  Break your goals down into small steps.  Use an organizer to schedule these steps. 

Let’s say you want to workout three days per week.  It won’t happen without making it part of your everyday life.  Find a time that is right for you.  Morning is best if you are one that will be dreading it all day knowing that you have to get it done!  Decide what body parts you will work that day and put it in your calendar.  

There are many apps that can help.  I like Omnifocus.  It may be overkill for what you need though.  A much simpler app to use is Todo from Appigo.  I used it for a long time and is great for what most people need in a todo app.  There is a long list of apps that will fit the bill.  You can also use google calendar or your phone calendar.  Set yourself up an alert as a reminder! Get a second brain and stop living by accident.  Live with a purpose!

Scheduling small steps that lead up to a goal is one of the biggest causes of failure when trying to achieve your dreams. 

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Want to use Kcups in the new Keurig vue? Read on, I did some McGuyvering!

What you’ll need. An empty vue cup. Your favorite flavor Kcup. Something to make a hole. I used a wooden scewer used for cooking.


Next…..just poke a hole near the bottom of the Kcup. Just make sure the hole is below the filter inside the Kcup.


Next, put the Kcup into the empty vue cup. IMPORTANT…make sure the hole you made lines up with the little spout on the vue cup. This will direct the flow of coffee when brewing. Give the Kcup a firm push to seat it. No big deal though. Just keeps it from flipping down in the coffee machine.


Now just put the whole creation into the coffee machine and brew as usual. The picture below is what is looks like AFTER brewing! Enjoy!


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Just thinking about the childrens drug recall. We start them off with drugs at such a young age for every problem. Tylenol for headaches, Ritalin for having too much energy, antidepressant…….and we wonder why there are so many adults with drug problems. Apple says there’s an app for that. A lot of people think there’s a drug for that. Let’s start finding out what is causing these diseases and not just treating symptoms!

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Rare side effect of flu vaccine. Make an informed choice and know the risks. http://ping.fm/BDFiG

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